7 Copywriting Tips to help improve your copy fast

In this article, I share some easy to implement tips to help improve your Copywriting skills instantly.

7 Copywriting Tips to help improve your copy fast
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Ok. So you may be thinking, ‘What’s this got to do with Design? Where’s those tips of yours that talk design, design, design?’

Hear me out, though.

Sooo. I’ve been selling digital products for quite a few years now and have practised the art of Copywriting when it comes to my Landing pages, Product descriptions, Newsletters and more...

In that time, I’ve come to realise that having some form of copywriting skill under my belt has empowered me to promote myself or my products in a much stronger way.

Copywriting is meant to draw attention, inform, and lead to a desired action or emotion. Even in small measures, understanding it can be a valuable asset to have.

Let’s check out some tips...

Try and tell a story

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Showing off your Portfolio?

Pitching your new Product?


Tell a story.

Stories connect. Stories sell things.

Build a personal connection between yourself, your readers, and your product.

People buy from people

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Try and show character in your content.

Landing pages. Emails. Tweets.

People love to buy from people.

Try not to appear faceless and lifeless.

'I' and 'You' are your best friends.

Keep that content snappy

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Writing a blog post? Copy for your landing page? An email to your subscribers?

Keep those paragraphs short. 2 or 3 sentences to each paragraph.

One line paragraphs are all good.

Keep it snappy.

Readers scan. Readers want to digest quick.

Don't have their minds wandering when faced with a five-sentence paragraph. Zzzzzzzzzzz.

Make that Headline shine bright (like a diamond)

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It's all in the Headline.

If your headline stinks, you've lost a good % of people before you've even started.

You can write 'Ernest Hemingway' level body copy, but...

...if your headline sucks, folks may skip over the rest.

Go back to the headline after you've written everything, and make sure it shines.

Don’t do ‘That’, do this...

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Go through your copy and remove this empty word...


Just 'that'.

It's an empty word.

Unneeded filler in your copy.

Sound natural. Write like you speak

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So you’ve typed up your copy?

It’s all ready to go.


Read it out loud to yourself.

If your copy sounds unnatural, go back and tweak it until it sounds more natural.

Something about just speaking your words out loud helps a lot.

Sell benefits, not features

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An obvious one this.

Don't sell features on your product page.

Sell benefits.

Your customers don't give 2 Bézier curved f***s about ‘700 painstakingly designed UI Components'.

They want to 'Save hours not building components from scratch'.

Sell benefits.

Hopefully, if you can take just one tip from this list and apply it the next time you’re ready to tweak that Headline in your Hero section or update that Bio on your profile page, then my work here is done.

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