Framer Roundup - March 1st 2023

In this article I roundup some of the amazing resources provided by the Framer community.

Marc Andrew
Mar 2, 2023
3 min read
Design Thoughts
The Framer logo on the left, with the words 'Framer roundup March 1st 2023 on the right

If you didn’t already know, a new (kind of) tool is taking the design community by storm; Framer.

Going from design, animations and interactions to publishing is blazingly fast, and it’s the one tool that you need to take a good look at.

The community that has sprung up around Framer in such a short time is impressive, and some really talented folks are showing what Framer is capable of, which these Framer Roundups aim to showcase for you.

Let’s get to it…

Templates & Components

Future Folio - Personal Portfolio Template

Created by Paul Lapkin

Screenshot of a personal portfolio site created in Framer

Future Folio is a beautiful, dark-themed, one-page design. With gorgeous animations throughout, it's a modern, fresh take on personal portfolios.

Hanna - Personal Template

Created by Marc Andrew

Screenshot of a personal site created in Framer

Hanna is a lightweight, and clean personal site for creators. CMS powered and ready to go, it's perfect for when you want to showcase your projects with minimal fuss.

Arc 3D Card

Created by Nándor Muzsik

Screenshot of a selection of Card elements created in Framer

Based on the Arc Browser Card hover animations, this is a beautifully subtle Component.

GIF Text

Created by Aleks

Screenshot of a blurred background with the word ‘Hello’ over the top of it

A subtle, but impressive text animation that can be presented in so many ways.

Advanced Clock

Created by Renzo Bianchi

Screenshot of a world clock animation with a globe graphic on the left and a list of city names and times on the right.

A seriously impressive digital clock pulling in real data. Showcase the world in style.

Tutorials & Tips

Button Gradient Hover Effect

Created by Framer University

Glow Button with Highlight Effect

Created by Nick Stfn

Smooth Mask Scroll Animation

Created by Matt Jumper

Created by Floris Verloop

By the way, I’ve just created a new resource for all things Framer. It’s called Hey Framer and I’d love you to check it out. It’ll be updated with Free templates (from myself and guest contributors), tutorials and much more soon!

Oh. And if you have something that you’ve created in Framer and would like it included in the next Roundup then Submit your Resource at Hey Framer…

Hey Framer - Your Top Resource for Framer
Say ‘Hello’ to all things Framer. Templates. Tutorials. You know, all the good stuff.

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