Freelancer? Remember, your reputation is everything

It’s one of the hardest roles, but also so rewarding too. As a Freelancer for many years, I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs.

Freelancer? Remember, your reputation is everything
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Freelancing is hard, really hard. There we go. That was a short article. Nothing more to see here. Please move along.

No, to give a more detailed answer, it’s one of the hardest roles to be in, but also so rewarding too. I worked as a Freelancer for many years, and I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs.

It’s like anything, it takes time to hone, and time to build a proper understanding on how to play the game as a freelancer.

Let me explain some more...

Your reputation is everything. Guard it with your life.

I’ve been guilty of neglecting clients when I was first starting out on my freelancing journey.

Not having a great dialogue open, not understanding completely what the client felt and what they required, just thinking of the pay-check at the end of it, and wondering why the relationship soured over the course of the project.

Thankfully with experience, and a new-found maturity, I began to ask the right questions, and build better relationships and products for my clients.

Word of mouth, especially as a freelancer, is so important. You don’t always have the resources to have your name up in lights and your career can rise, or fall on the word of mouth of a past client.

Of course, as you learn more you will be able to say ‘No’ to clients you’re not getting a vibe for, so you can refuse to take on that project. Try not to do it just to grab the dollar, dollar bills or you’re setting yourself up for a fall.

A bad website or app, a disgruntled client, and a dent in your reputation is not a good mix, and something that every Freelancer needs to avoid at every opportunity. A great reputation is a key element of a freelancers brand and should never be neglected.

Do your homework. Find the right type of clients. Keep them involved. Go above and beyond what they might expect. Don’t take things too personal. Set your boundaries and let them know that, and you can build a great relationship and in turn, product for them.

Remember your reputation is everything as a Freelancer. Guard it with your life.

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