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Why understanding Typography is essential in creating stronger UIs

Type is everywhere and it's an essential component for creating stronger UIs, and a better User Experience.

Marc Andrew
Sep 17, 2020
2 min read
Photo by Marcus Ganahl / Unsplash

Type is everywhere and it's an essential component for creating stronger UIs, and a better User Experience.

With the way content is consumed on digital devices as opposed to the printed article, it’s being viewed in so many different screen sizes, and on so many different devices, it has to be able to hold up under all these different platforms and get the message of your product or service across in the best way possible.

Let me explain some more...

Just stick to the basics with Type and you're half-way there.

It’s about choosing the correct Typeface for the project at hand, to tap into the feel of the both the client, and the product you’re creating for them, to get their message across in the clearest way possible, and true to their values.

Just stick to the basics of Typography; Font combinations that complement each other perfectly, readability, and the right colour choices, and you’re more than half-way there.

Here’s some great resources for finding amazing Type combinations –


One of the greatest sites around for checking out great Type combinations that you can easily apply to your own designs.

Adobe Fonts

One of my personal, go-to resources when choosing Fonts for my projects. Check out the ‘Font Packs’ which can give you loads of inspiration on great font-pairings.

Google Fonts

How could I not mention Google Fonts. Probably the Number 1 go-to resource for finding beautiful, Open-Source Fonts.

With the right Typography choices you can convey emotion that you thought may just be the preserve of colour choices, or imagery that appear within a product.

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